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Strong strong paper is paper Special committee is no carbon carbon paper manufacturer of paper "special forces"

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Strong strong paper is paper Special committee is no carbon carbon paper manufacturer of paper "special forces"

Dates:2017-01-12 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

No carbon carbon paper manufacturers

In 2006,
Ten years ago, a group has the right knowledge, mindfulness and visionary papermaking technology workers, situation, vision, and embrace the ideal, twist into a rope, forming a special paper has lobbied for social organizations and actively raising, 2006 specialty paper committee should be formed at last. In a sense, this is a no carbon carbon paper backed by manufacturers of China's paper industry "special forces".
For ten years, more and more creative, create, entrepreneurial energy and enthusiasm of "paper commando" active in the "special forces", form a complete set of innovative specialty paper enterprises, research institutes and enterprises have boomed.
In 2009,
Special committee was set up at the beginning of the paper, the workload is very heavy, and no full-time staff, every time activities related information and dynamic has not spread, so most of the domestic and international specialty paper related businesses don't know the Chinese have such a professional organizations.
It was not until 2009 that I accidentally learned from light group, an comrades in quzhou fourth annual specialty paper, is at the news. The fourth annual statistics attendance has soared to 180 people, is the size of the first annual meeting of the above 5 times, because of quzhou region there are a lot of specialty paper enterprises, actual attend technical report far more than the number of statistical values. In 2015, the 10th annual meeting 400 people meeting, held the first session of specialty paper is more than 1600 people visited the exhibition, thousands of professional followers saw this spectacle. Influence the development of rapid, is "a single spark can start a prairie fire".
I had the opportunity to participate in the 4th paper committee meeting, as nantong hua yan grinding research center, a technical worker, the monte paper committee in the general assembly for special reports, this is my first time to participate in the annual national specialty paper and specialty paper industry development international BBS, I for beating "grinding selection of the design and energy saving optimization" point of view to get a good feedback and interaction, non-working democracy, deputy secretary general liu wen secretary-general, Ceng Hui, mei-yun zhang teacher, DJ dee, general wan-ping Chen general labor and other leaders and experts to give me a lot of encouragement, has seven years, and memory.
7 years, I witnessed the committee set up the specialty paper industry, paper bridge and the link of mutual understanding, communication coordination, have the courage to explore and forge ahead, and expanded vision, absorb share specialty paper frontier science and technology achievements, actively spread specialty paper new techniques, new technologies, new equipment and so on the new trends, new achievements, promote the combination of production, study and research, in order to improve China's specialty paper science and technology, management and development strategy level, worked hard labor, scored remarkable achievements. China specialty paper gradually towards the world, in the position in the global specialty paper industry are also growing, special paper is shouldering the holy and glorious mission, bear the strong innovation the historic task of paper.
7 years, I through paper committee organization of all kinds of communication, BBS, and lectures, for learning and work in my personal benefit, engaged in beating equipment core parts to me - grinding of design, development and promotion are of great help. Specialty paper kaleidoscope of beating function, properties, raw materials and technology, the future of special paper will emerge in endlessly, new materials on the tensile strength, tear strength, burst, expansion rate, thickness, absorption, air permeability, transparency and optimum printing indicators will be more diversified. Intel confidential characteristics of paper industry, a lot of specialty paper companies for new product research and development of technical communication is very conservative, closed research method is often wasted effort, through the special paper committee platform have the opportunity of concentrated study and in-depth communication is not easy, I company with a lot of specialty paper between the trust each other, and got a lot of cooperation and collaborative research participation opportunities. We are very cherish every process, with the cooperative partners of mutual benefit and mutual trust cooperation to solve a lot of new paper the selection of the research, development, production grinding and beating.
For seven years, I through study, communication and cooperation, adhere to the cooperation unit interests first and technology confidentiality at the same time, I also accumulated a lot of valuable experience, obtains from the fiber morphology characteristics and beating mechanism, in meet the demand of various features paper pulping process under the premise of design, research and development and to promote the most suitable grinding. When I advocate "change numerous for brief beating optimization ideas", put forward the "use the simplest way to upgrade the pulping machine", recognised by the industry colleagues, and for many paper factory improve the beating quality and reducing energy consumption and so on a little bit of success, I always understand, this time should be more thanks to our "special forces" - the specialty paper professional committee of China papermaking society.
In 2016,
Paper established committee has over ten years, meanwhile, the Chinese specialty paper industry developing rapidly, specialty paper and paperboard production from 2006 to 2015 the average annual growth rate of 10.26%, is nearly 2 times that China's paper industry production.
Right now, the entire paper industry due to the former stage production release, coupled with the impact of electronic media on traditional paper and printing, paper led to mass market phase saturated with excess capacity, which is accompanied by homogeneous competition, low profit margins, paper industry development is facing the intense pain.
Overcapacity is enveloped in a haze in the history of Chinese papermaking industry pattern, the new pattern will be how to share the advantage of the capital market, technological innovation and industry cooperation, out of a differentiated specialty paper niche market route.
In the future
Compared with ordinary paper, specialty paper market is impacted by the electronic media is relatively small, in numerous paper for transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the specialty paper become important development direction. By capital of specialty paper factory, no doubt, to the survival and development of other paper mills has brought new enlightenment.
Development direction in the future, specialty paper depends on the new craft, new technology, new material and new equipment use and breakthrough. Most paper companies for research and development spending, technical strength and talent reserves, often using imitative innovation, lack of original innovation, difficult to long-term stable performance.
In the future, specialty paper industry in China is faced with huge development space and market demand. Related specialty paper manufacturing equipment, the core components, fiber materials, chemicals, will continuously from a single, simple, traditional form to the multi-function, diversity, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development.
More medium and small paper mills in the future, eager to use ", "means, in the field of local focus ability, with high added value and scarcity products win a niche market, become a vibrant" paper special forces ". Specialty paper enterprises will be more frequent and more closely with paper committee, professional colleges and universities, research institutions and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, giving full play to the advantages of group collaboration, to further accelerate the market survey, development steps and improve the grade of product development, research and development of such products, high starting point, quick effect, short cycle, scientific and technological achievements into productivity into "fast track", the efficiency will be more and more high. In the new period of production, study and research cooperation is particularly important, more new features, high-tech special materials and special paper will be through the "fast track" appear in front of us, we have to wait and see.
Sources: China paper http://www.paper.com.cn/news/daynews/2016/160628084520645026.htm
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