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The ninth session of Chinas paper industry development conference held in Beijing, looking for new kinetic energy papermaking industry sustainable development

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The ninth session of Chinas paper industry development conference held in Beijing, looking for new kinetic energy papermaking industry sustainable development

Dates:2016-11-24 Author:小編 Click:

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November 19-20, the ninth session of China's paper industry development and paper chamber of commerce of the 10th anniversary of the convention was held in Beijing, and held the theme of "over the next decade - looking for new momentum for the sustainable development of papermaking industry" development of BBS. Conference of the national chamber of commerce for paper industry, jointly organized by 19 large paper-making enterprises at home and abroad, from the related departments and papermaking industry at home and abroad industry entrepreneurs, experts and scholars to discuss the future sustainable development.
Deputy director general of the ministry of industry and information technology department of Li Beiguang said that the current manufacturing industry in our country, including the Chinese paper industry technical transformation of the key is to get through cutting edge technology and innovation of science and technology achievements transformation between commercial chain, for the first time to strengthen the key generic technology resources integration. In accordance with the "made in China 2025" manufacturing innovation idea, put forward by the paper industry in China should be between the frontier technology development and commercial application for the first time, strengthening the transfer of key generic technology diffusion; Breakthrough in papermaking industry and cross-industry, across the key leader in the field of generic technology bottleneck restriction; Build the production chain in industrial technology; For small and medium-sized enterprises public service platform of all kinds of product development, technology diffusion, etc., to promote our country paper industry from big to strong.
Li Beiguang thinks, at present, China's paper industry lacks integration manufacturing technology and information technology, the intelligent technology to the high-end equipment, covering the global overall comprehensive solutions in the field of leading enterprises. Future, pulp and paper industry to play the leading role of key enterprises, forming a materialization key generic technology supply of China's paper industry alliance, active integration of domestic and foreign related optimal research, development, production and application of resources, set up under the background of the Internet, network key generic technology supply mechanism, support the papermaking enterprise innovation.
Chamber of commerce for paper industry independent supervisors yong-xin guo said that 10 years, China's paper industry production growth of 191.52%, the scale of production from the followers to the leader, from a net importer of paper into a net exporter. Remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection level has great improvement, improve the internationalization; Realized from is called the "bottle", mainly small paper machine and domestic equipment to give priority to with modern equipment manufacturing system, in 2015 China's pulp and paper equipment industry main business income is 37.109 billion yuan, exports to $1.222 billion, up 15.51% from a year earlier.
This BBS, experts attending the meeting "in the next decade global papermaking industry trend and pattern of" "smart manufacturing - 2025 the main direction of" made in China "biomass technology and the development of industry of paper making raw material supply impact" project was carried out in-depth interpretation. In "10 years of 10 people -- China's paper industry bosses paper decade" in the eyes of a high-level dialogue, dialogue "intelligent paper production", "2026 China paper ten guess" dialog in the future and so on three big dialogue link, guests warmly discussions focus on the present industry hotspot, which views and bright, bright spots appear frequently.
In the "2026 China paper industry top ten guess" dialog in the future link, guest paper production, industrial concentration, for the future development of China's papermaking raw material structure, the biomass of paper making raw materials, the development trend of paper machine, the influence of China's timber and pulp supply security and so on ten big problem for professional predictions. Guest suggested that small amount of paper industry in the future growth, but product structural shift will happen; Concentration will be further improved, the number or will have more than 500-1000 and reduce; Cost-effective medium paper machine or will become mainstream, but compared with the domestic equipment imported equipment to occupy the market, is the most important evalsuation indicators on efficiency and stability; Large papermaking enterprise internationalization will be fully into the new stage and forward-looking views.
During the conference, also held a "salute decade, rev XinCheng again" as the theme of the paper the 10th anniversary of the general assembly of the chamber of commerce and the second session of "Chinese CAI lun awards," smart "China papermaking industry benchmarking enterprises ten years achievement HuiBaoZhan launching ceremony and other activities.
Source: China green times
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