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"The father of China no carbon carbon chromogenic agent" counterclaim using the roles were reversed

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"The father of China no carbon carbon chromogenic agent" counterclaim using the roles were reversed

Dates:2007-09-08 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

No carbon carbon paper manufacturers

"Henan patented the first case of the plaintiff and the defendant will swap positions. 17, "the father of China no carbon carbon chromogenic agent" Liu Zonglai tells a reporter, xinxiang ruifeng company of the ministry of commerce and industry recognized a shareholders' illegal, the chairman of the board of directors of the company Guo Chunxuan has lost the plaintiff qualifications, he had to Guo Chunxuan and ruifeng companies filed a lawsuit.
Industrial and commercial departments ruifeng company shareholders illegally
On August 25, newspaper "very file" to "52 million sky-high claims behind", reported the Liu Zonglai due to apply to the United States, Europe, in the name of the individual for PCT patent, the chairman Guo Chunxuan ruifeng company to "let the cat out of the enterprise technology secret," said to court, and put forward 52 million yuan "sky-high claims", became the highest intellectual property litigation in henan province so far mark "patent" the first case, at the same time be ruifeng unilaterally terminate the company general manager and chief engineer position.
Reports shortly after the publication, discovery, industrial and commercial bureau to Switzerland abundant company issued documents, as the company's shareholders held in April 2006 was illegal.
, according to documents on April 6, 2006, Switzerland abundant company in the renewal of a business license of enterprise legal person entrusted Zhang Zhenlai deal with the shareholders. 11 people, the company had a natural person shareholders in six shareholders such as Liu Zonglai unwittingly, Zhang Zhenlai and driver Yang Zhenguang on behalf of the signature, filed in 2006 for the first time (temporary) amendments to the articles of association of the shareholders meeting resolution and (content is constant, the company's legal representative and supervisors to continue for 3 years, and obtained the company registration.
, xinxiang industrial and commercial bureau to make a decision on administrative punishment, cognizance ruifeng companies with false materials to achieve the company registration behavior, violation of the company law, the relevant provisions of the order the defendant ruifeng company immediately to make corrections, and concurrently impose a fine of 180000 yuan.
It is understood that the discovery of industrial and commercial bureau penalty to Switzerland abundant company for many times, the company security are citing "Guo Chunxuan don't let the door", don't let the door of the ministry of commerce and industry of staff, lead to penalty delays in delivery ruifeng co., LTD. Until the industrial and commercial bureau issued an ultimatum "don't get the penalty to serve the public service", ruifeng company just send lawyer last week to the industrial and commercial bureau to take the penalty.
"The father of China no carbon carbon chromogenic agent" file a counterclaim
Click to view of zhengzhou zhengzhou and more city weather forecast into yong said the sea law firm lawyers, according to the ministry of commerce and industry of the penalty decision, ruifeng company chairman Guo Chunxuan lawsuit against Liu Zonglai time is in June, however, as early as April 2006, when a shareholders' guo went on to serve as chairman of the board of directors as illegal behavior has been the ministry of commerce and industry. So, guo lost the qualification of legal representative, also lost the qualification of the plaintiff, the court can dismiss or terminate Guo Chunxuan to Liu Zonglai to lodge a "claim" for litigation.
To think, forge the shareholders sign, submit false materials, seek illegal gains, if the circumstances are serious, not only to the economic punishment, be investigated for criminal responsibility.
Liu Zonglai on September 11, as the plaintiff in xinxiang makino district people's court, asked the court to cancel ruifeng company with illegal illegal a shareholders' main body in the July 27 this year, in August 6, illegal by the resolution of board meeting, and demand will be due in 2005, liu ruifeng company shareholders share out bonus of 1.37 million yuan.
On the same day, makino district court froze ruifeng company in accordance with the two accounts of nearly 1.65 million yuan of money.
"China Forbes rich desire in hand no carbon carbon paper father of chromogenic agent"
52 million sky-high claims reports caused the extensive concern of the society from all walks of life, domestic more than 50 websites re-published, this newspaper reported some smart person is to sniff out the business opportunities. Zhengzhou guo get in touch with reporters, said after he authorized by a henan book Forbes rich, hope and the "father of China no carbon carbon chromogenic agent" to discuss cooperation matters.
", there are lots of people want to cooperate with him, but he is now the main focus is on the court, only after the action such as problem solving, ability to consider cooperation.
Source: http://news.qq.com/a/20070918/000634.htm
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