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Crown Howe high is Chinas first large-scale company specialized in the production of thermal paper and domestic the most advanced production equipment and process large non-carbon carbon paper, self-adhesive label materials production base

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Crown Howe high is Chinas first large-scale company specialized in the production of thermal paper and domestic the most advanced production equipment and process large non-carbon carbon paper, self-adhesive label materials production base

Dates:2012-06-02 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Yesterday morning, the vice governor liu zhigeng accompanied by municipal party committee secretary Liu Xiaohua etc, came to shenzhen longgang (wuchuan) industry transfer of industrial park of guangdong tiancheng aluminum technology co., LTD., investigations, understand the production situation. Chen Yu perturbation
On May 31 solstice on June 1, the vice governor liu zhigeng, the extended led light research in zhanjiang industry transfer of industrial park development and construction and industrial production. Liu zhigeng fully affirmed the zhanjiang's current good development momentum and the park construction situation, requirements to further improve the level of park management, cooperation, investment, promote the development of industrial agglomeration, to achieve industrial park economic and even across the development of the city's economy.
Province by the letter committee, deputy director Lin a super to participate in the research, city leaders Liu Xiaohua, Wang Zhongbing, wheat teach fierce, Chen An Ming, municipal party committee secretary general Hu Haiyun and other accompanying research.
On 31 May afternoon, liu zhigeng line first came to guangdong crown Howe high-tech co., LTD. Crown Howe high is China's first large-scale company specialized in the production of thermal paper and domestic the most advanced production equipment and process large non-carbon carbon paper, self-adhesive label materials production base. Strive to achieve this year the company says specialty paper annual capacity of 350000 tons, becoming the specialty paper industry leader in China. Liu zhigeng nodding.
Aquatic product company in the league of nations and liu zhigeng in-depth enterprise workshop, especially, the production, regulatory offices. When understanding to the league of nations in the domestic aquaculture industry take the lead in implementation of "2211" electronic supervision mode, guarantee the food quality and safety of consumers, liu zhigeng said sure. He pointed out that common people most concerned about food safety issues, food enterprises must get good safety barrier, food safety is the life of the enterprise.
Yesterday morning, liu zhigeng line arrived at the wuchuan city Huang Po town of shenzhen longgang (wuchuan) industrial transfer park research. The park in 2007 provinces, by the wuchuan city, shenzhen longgang district government and the shenzhen hua yu group co., LTD. The two tripartite cooperation, wuchuan city park land appropriation, peripheral service infrastructure and into the garden project, longgang district responsible for jurisdiction industry transfer, China yu company as the principal part of park development is responsible for the on-site "seven-provided and one leveled" work in construction and investment solicitation. Is the first park investment promotion has been achieved, existing league run industry, master kong drinks, guangdong guangdong tiancheng aluminum three production, there are eight projects under construction or to be built.
Tiancheng aluminum technology co., LTD in guangdong, liu zhigeng, in-depth workshop to the relevant details about the product, head of the technical characteristics, market sales, etc., and visited the production process. Dr Enterprise director luo introduced just r&d spending to try a new profiles, plastic wood profiles. Compared with ordinary aluminum, this kind of biomass from wood chips, rice husk fibre is given priority to synthetic raw materials, and plastic composite material, greatly save the aluminum, and it has the advantages of plant fiber and plastic, broad scope, covering almost all wood, plastic, plastic, aluminum alloy and other similar use field of composite materials, but also solves the plastic, wood industry waste resources recycling problems, is a green, environmental protection, energy-saving materials, the technology is currently in the domestic leading position in the firm. Liu zhigeng nodded, appreciated, interrupted the exchange, and suggests that enterprises build a showroom, concentration and directly provide customers with products and services. Then, liu zhigeng also visited the master kong holdings in zhanjiang top beverage co., LTD., tianjin.
Then, liu zhigeng listened to zhanjiang and wuchuan city park development situation of the report. He fully affirmed wuchuan turn production development and construction of garden, praised the pattern of kindergarten well, high starting point plan, the development potential is great, pioneered the three parties, mainly on enterprise development, both, for garden a new pattern of kindergarten, introduces the experience of shenzhen city planning and ideas, to forge a beautiful environment, industry is expected to advanced industrial city.
Liu zhigeng requires clear the park park positioning, determine the dominant industry, to strengthen the investment promotion and capital introduction and improving the quality of industry, support for enterprise innovation and development, especially should pay attention to improve the level of management, the park as the enterprise operation and management; Improve the level of cooperation, both the communication, to strengthen cooperation learning foshan shunde (Germany) to produce garden experience, jointly build the park; Improve the level of investment, investment promotion and capital introduction and project to promote work on a new level.
Liu zhigeng spoke highly of the zhanjiang development situation, he pointed out that several major projects in recent years has been constructed in succession, will lay solid foundation for rapid development of zhanjiang in the future. Industrial transfer park is to realize the turn into the ground, transfer and roll-out enterprise win-win-win industry platform, zhanjiang's new leadership attaches great importance in promoting industrial transfer, understanding in place, forceful measures, the development potential is big. Hope to zhanjiang grasping the "double transfer" strategy to implement opportunities, in close connection with the development of local practice, to improve service levels, strengthen investment promotion and capital introduction, attract more enterprises in the park, promote the development of industrial agglomeration, efforts to achieve park across the development of economy and even the whole city economy.
Liu Xiaohua said that zhuhai will learn, understand and implement the instructions of provincial leadership requirements, further play to the advantage of the "three sides" park development model, solved the bottleneck problems affecting industrial park development and construction, achieve a high starting point planning, timely development, actively and actively carry out investment promotion and capital introduction, to further improve the infrastructure construction, solve the funding problem, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, the park into a important platform to promote the development of zhanjiang economic across.

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