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Ricoh thermal paper company project in wuxi

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Ricoh thermal paper company project in wuxi

Dates:2015-11-03 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Ricoh, thermal paper project signing ceremony held in the new area a few days. City leaders, Mr Yang, GongPeiXing, ricoh, executive director and sensible heat media such as company President anda hong attended the ceremony.
Ricoh co., LTD is one of the world's three major manufacturers of office equipment, as one of the world top 500 enterprises, the main development and production of cameras, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, digital products, such as group, with annual sales of more than $11 billion. The signing of the project plan covers an area of 40000 square meters, with a total investment of $49.8 million, mainly produces thermal paper, thermal tape, printer cartridges and other office equipment products, the new company named "ricoh induction technology (wuxi) co., LTD.", plans to set up in the course of the year, in April 2007 formally put into production.

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It is understood that at present only three companies in the world with technology manufacturing thermal paper.
Wuxi municipal party committee secretary, Mr Yang said at the signing ceremony, marks a list of the world top 500 enterprises in wuxi and added a new member.
Ricoh co., LTD in wuxi new district investment to build high-grade thermal paper production base, has brought the new products, new technology, new ideas, not only lead to further ricoh company, overseas business, and will promote the development of wuxi high-grade office paper and equipment industry, enhance the collective competitiveness of enterprises in this field. Wuxi will, as always, to create superior investment environment, provide enterprises with high efficiency, high quality, perfect and convenient services.
Source: wuxi daily
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