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The preliminary dumping thermal paper in China

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The preliminary dumping thermal paper in China

Dates:2007-11-22 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Report from our correspondent Yesterday, reporters learned from China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce, the United States international trade commission has announced of Chinese imports low gram weight thermal paper "double negative survey" preliminary results, low-priced dumping and subsidies.

Thermal paper factory,

Because the United States international trade commission to make positive preliminary, and the U.S. department of commerce will continue to grams heavier thermal paper products of Chinese imports low anti-subsidy and anti-dumping investigation, and will be in December 13, 2007 and 2007 on February 26, make a countervailing preliminary and preliminary anti-dumping, and may be as high as 104.21% anti-dumping duties on Chinese companies and countervailing duties of 10% ~ 30%.
7 "double reverse" merger investigation
On October 29, the us department of commerce decided to China's low gram thermal paper officially launched anti-dumping countervailing merger investigation. This is America's on Chinese products 7 "double reverse" merger investigation. It is understood that a branch of thermal paper is paper is small, low gram thermal paper mainly as a supermarket receipts, credit card receipts and other special-purpose high-value-added paper.
To the United States international trade commission filed a complaint is America's largest producer of low gram weight thermal paper at prenton o paper company, the company is also the only domestic thermal paper manufacturers, the annual output of 120000 tons.
Is still considering whether responses to enterprises
The related enterprises has said it will conduct investigations, guangdong crown Howe hi-tech co., LTD. (crown Howe high: 600433) has issued a notice, said he is one of the companies involved, whether the respondent is still under consideration.
Although do not recognize China's market economy status, but in recent years, western countries for China to send subsidy investigations in increasing the number of times. Has the eu trade commissioner Peter mandelson has proposed to allow the European commission will no longer need to receive enterprise complaint again began to investigate, can take countervailing action itself. , managing director of China WTO research association, Chen tai feng said that the move more convenient local government take countervailing action, is also a response to China's free trade policy.
The cancellation of, South Korea, Indonesia
Coated paper anti-dumping sanctions
According to report of xinhua news agency the United States international trade commission to make a final decision on 20, canceled earlier for China, South Korea and Indonesia coated paper enterprise anti-dumping and countervailing sanctions decision.
The committee on the same day to 5 to 1 by the final ruling, did not think the above three products related industry bring harm or threat to the United States.
The U.S. department of commerce on October once ruled, coated paper enterprises exist in 3 countries price dumping and the illegal government subsidies in the United States, citing for relevant enterprises for anti-dumping and countervailing sanctions.
If the sanctions into practice, Chinese enterprises will face the top 99.65% of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties of 44.25%. American sanctions against South Korea and Indonesia related enterprises is relatively light.
According to the relevant procedure, the ministry of commerce ruled mainly relates to whether there is dumping or subsidies, to the United States international trade commission determine whether dumping or subsidies industry damage. Only when the ruling consistent on both sides, sanctions for relevant enterprises. The final decision of the us international trade commission 20, means that the sanctions will not be implemented.
Source: ocean network - guangzhou daily
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