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Crown Howe high thermal paper exports or become the sole

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Crown Howe high thermal paper exports or become the sole

Dates:2008-05-12 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Crown Howe high 9 of dispatch of new wall bulletin released preliminary ruling, the U.S. department of commerce anti-dumping determine the dumping margins of 2.3%, and other Chinese companies unified the tax rate shall be 132.95%. By this good news to stimulate, the stock plate impact harden, yesterday closed at 9.04 yuan, up 7.62%.
Involved in the "double reverse" litigation
Apple on September 19, 2007 - ton cca shut, Inc submitted a petition to the U.S. department of commerce and international trade committee, asked for a native to China's low gram weight thermal paper filed anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. On October 30, the Commerce Department announced on imports from China's low gram weight thermal paper against anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, and crown Howe high in the survey list. After several twists and turns, the company and Shanghai han macro become anti-dumping and countervailing investigation two compulsory related enterprises.

Thermal paper factory,

Crown Howe high earlier announcement admitted that since the ministry of commerce is listed in the "double reverse" responses to list, adversely affected the export business of the company, the company's 2007 annual performance is also affected by the bad. Company 2007 annual report and a quarterly results show this year, the revenue of the company's business thermal paper in 2007 decreased by 29.06%, the ownership of the listed company net profit decreased by 85.96% of shareholders; In the first quarter this year belongs to shareholders of listed companies net profit fell 86.96%.
Responses to layout the future
Securities on behalf of the company ShenQingFei has said that the growth of the market demand make the crown Howe high thermal paper attaches great importance to the relevant business, and, therefore, is don't want to lose this market in the United States, the company decided to vigorously. It is understood that the company from January 2007 to June to export to the United States market via Hong Kong to 1016 metric tons of thermal paper, direct export to 55 tons, total 1071 tons, for $1.53 million (RMB 11.475 million), compared with the same period last year increased by 40.37%, about 4.08% of revenue in the first half of 2007. And according to the world buyers net, the thermal paper imported from China $2007 in 56 million.
Or into the only domestic exporters
Crown Howe high chairman secretary do miss zhang told reporters: "under normal circumstances the anti-dumping final determination time is September 25, 2008, from the preliminary results were released into the final period, the ministry of commerce will be on-site inspections on the company, to see if we submit the materials and actual situation, if consistent with the preliminary results will not -." She added: "into effect once, we holds an absolute advantage in export tariffs. Can say, other domestic counterparts in the future basic have no conditions to carry out export business, the company or will become the only domestic exporters thermal paper."
Miss zhang said, crown Howe high will actively preparing for material to deal with the field survey, the Commerce Department on the one hand is to avoid dumping tax rates rise again in the final, on the other hand, the company is company will strive to convince the ministry of commerce dumping rate reduced to 2%, so the company can avoid being anti-dumping duties.
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