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Thermal paper market standards Zhi ke specification of led industry

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Thermal paper market standards Zhi ke specification of led industry

Dates:2010-12-22 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Today is the era of knowledge explosion, people need to deal with increasing the amount of information. In recent years with the recorder used in all walks of life, the typewriter, and the popularity of the fax machine, thermal paper needed in the market not only big quantity and variety.
The good and bad are intermingled of market of thermal paper, industry standard is not sound, lack of direction, many companies opportunistic, caused the upgrade of safety hazards. At present the country has not issued national standard, thermal paper companies have different standards, tends to hinder the export, and not protected in the fierce international competition. Shortly before the United States on Chinese low gram thermal paper anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties, and gives the thermal paper a heavy box on the ear. U.S. news of the "cancer" in thermal paper is for our thermal paper conclude industry standard is a wake-up call as soon as possible.
Non-standard thermal paper market in China is mainly caused by the following reasons: technical issues, advanced science and technology popularization; Backward technology, restrict the development of the new mode of production; The process of making the economic model, has affected the industry standard.
The lack of the relevant industry specifications and standards not only caused loss to businesses, also makes the consumer rights and interests are harmed, but also makes the thermal paper industry itself controversial, struggling.
Making, leading the industry standard
Facing with the situation of thermal paper is a cause for concern, at the beginning of 2005, ground-breaking zhi ke, opens the road leading the industry norms. The most intense high-tech zone in the pudong new area in Shanghai, with down-to-earth action continued practice with as an industry leader.
Zhi ke with the domestic and overseas industry has maintained extensive cooperation and exchanges, and Japan, Canada, Russia and other thermal paper company, keep business to ensure that the company ensure raw material supply and technical support. They rely on the perfect marketing network, complete product series, the integration of production and processing systems, customized solutions for the four core competitive advantages, continuous innovation. Zhi ke thermal paper coating equipment all imported from Japan, and by using the management system of ricoh, guarantee the quality of each thermal paper. With high image saving, high sensitivity to print the coexistence of both double high reliability technology, well ahead of their peers, broke the monopoly of foreign enterprise situation, filled the domestic blank.
In addition, zhi ke active introduction of Japan's new thermal paper equipment and technology, constantly draw lessons from foreign advanced environmental protection technology, every year to send technical personnel to go abroad training, and vigorously building high-quality environmental production line. Plus an excellent team with consummate technique, strong innovation ability of painstaking research and development, adopt the most stringent standards to control the quality of products, realize the thermal paper industry, for the enterprise to operating personnel, the triple environmental standards for the environment. From the ratio of raw materials, equipment selection, process flow and production process parameters all sides sure, achieves the international advanced level, in environmental protection, safety, energy saving etc to meet international standards of design, for the Great Wall quality assurance center quality system certification.
Zhi ke positive feedback market requirements, carefully creating pure light cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese really four series of products ranging from 60 g to 250 g different gram weight of paper thermal printing consumables and heat sensitive membrane materials, composite materials, etc., in order to meet the various needs of different users. They set an example, to build a strong practical and standard industry norms, makes every effort to change the embarrassing situation of the industry, to maximize the change thermal paper industry, serve the society.

Thermal paper supplier

An evangelist, plastic brand strength
"The true value of a brand is not only reflect on the practical practice more recognition." Zhi ke wang, head of the people said. Zhi ke tireless attitude and excellent technology and advanced environmental protection technology, in pay attention to integrity and quality of consumer groups, positioning constantly practiced "provide a stage for employees, responsive to the customer, sex partners, Thanksgiving society, protect the environment". They always stick to such a creed: credibility is the lifeline of an enterprise.
In the good and bad are intermingled of thermal paper market, cheese KeWei thermal paper industry in China set up the glorious industry model. Zhi ke now has developed into a research and development, production and sales of the thermal paper as one of the diversified group of companies. This is bound to add powerful footnote for thermal paper brand, will maximize the harvest the brand perception of people.
The thermal paper is expected to be introduced this year, the national standard of industrial and commercial system will also propose corresponding industry standards. This is zhi ke and all the results of the thermal paper domestic enterprises continuous efforts, we are pleased to see a good enterprise as the industry benchmark of far-reaching influence. The move is likely to make more standard and perfect thermal paper market in China, not only facilitate internal regulatory control, strong guarantee for businesses and consumers to provide more safety, but also in the international competition, establish the thermal paper national brand provides a strong guarantee and support.
We have reasons to believe that, thermal paper market in China is bound to set up good development system, has a wide prospects and strong competitiveness. In the forest of world brand of thermal paper, thermal paper brand in China will set up an immortal hill.
Source: xinhua
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