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Thermal paper cause cancer? Experts say the normal non-toxic

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Thermal paper cause cancer? Experts say the normal non-toxic

Dates:2012-08-06 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

"Shopping receipts containing bisphenol A, can enter the body through the skin, affect the person's reproductive system, and cancer." Recently, A about thermal paper contains "bisphenol A" microblogging, caused many people attention. Many people are surprised, supermarket shopping, often receipts to touch every day, safe?
Businessman: thermal paper prices are relatively cheap

Speaking of thermal paper, everybody is not strange, in addition to the supermarket shopping receipts, fax paper, brush credit card POS signed purchase order, ATM machine different credentials, taxi receipts, tickets, etc. Thermal paper manufacturing principle is on the high quality base paper coating A layer of heat sensitive coating, which contain bpa, the role of the developer, it is the commonly used thermal printing paper chromogenic agent. "Supermarket cashier, office are thermal paper printing." A red star road stationery shopkeeper said this kind of paper is relatively cheap, sell a roll of 2 yuan, a 160 yuan or so. Better paper is controlled in 200 yuan, better environmental protection paper, usually to order from the manufacturer.

Thermal paper factory,

Expert: "bisphenol A" normal non-toxic
Sichuan university institute of chemical polymer professional teacher Chen lee explained that bisphenol A is A low toxic chemical substances, at room temperature, it is very stable, dose, has led to the endocrine disorder etc. According to the national standard, thermal paper contains traces of chromogenic agent bisphenol A, the average person will soon evaporate after contact, not cause great harm, but pregnant women and infants and young children under the age of 3 to avoid contact.
Hospitals in chengdu, the doctor said no exploded due to the contact thermal paper sick patients.
Source: the tianfu morning post
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