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Pressure sensitive paper dyeing process of non-carbon carbon paper

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Pressure sensitive paper dyeing process of non-carbon carbon paper

Dates:2003-10-16 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

No carbon carbon paper is one of the pressure-sensitive paper, has a direct function of color printing and copying, is commonly used for account of office automation and industrial information account or a general business paper. In order to differentiate each pile in order, the bill ticket printing need a lot of color paper, therefore, color paper processing is no carbon carbon paper production development trend.

No carbon carbon paper manufacturers

No carbon carbon paper dyeing, generally have a pulp dyeing and surface within two ways. I use a method for the production after the pale red, yellow, shallow blue, shallow green such as different color no carbon carbon paper, good surface after dyed paper, colour is gorgeous, surface smooth, easy to printing processing.
The selection of dyes
We chose to use the domestic printing pigment printing ink as a stain, the paste is made from a variety of colored pigment dispersant and additives with water dispersion grinding and become, most of its particle size is smaller than 2 microns, inactive ion exists, it not only has good compatibility with no carbon carbon paper coating, and colour and lustre bright-coloured, acid and alkali resistant, not add any trapped agent, good color fastness.
2 according to the requirements of the different color for the amount of dye, generally for coating for content of 0.5% ~ 2.0%. Also can use two or more of the modulate the color pigment printing ink.
The preparation of 3 liquid dye
Ratio according to the craft, weighing pour ingredients bucket, diluted to the required concentration with warm water, stir well, pour into with the chromogenic agent, capsule dispersion machine, coating and printing ink mixing, smoking and high frequency sieve filter into the reserve bucket. Set aside. Uneven coating can cause spots to dyeing of paper.
Our factory adopts four dyeing method for coating base paper single side, double side dyeing method, shading effect is good. Dyeing order:
CB - a wave of cloth and packet size a dilute a packaging - winding a calender a dryer, back with a dry base paper - CF coating liquid paste - color grout dilution
5 points for attention
5.1 paste purchases must be stored in a dry, cool, not affected by sunlight, and marked with obvious mark, do not mix, after taking the paste should be barrel cover, to prevent the paste to change.
5.2 for papermaking filler will dye adsorption, the increase or decrease according to content of base paper packing paste volume.
5.3 manufacturer of color paste, solid content and quality of its products is also different. Therefore, it is best to use the same manufacturer production a batch of paper printing ink of the same batch number.
5.4 ingredients, add all kinds of chemical raw materials and the order of the printing ink can't literally upside down, we will strictly according to the technological requirements, otherwise easy to make the paint flocculation, paper appear brown spots.
5.5 add paste coating of adhesive demand, slightly higher than that of white paint.
5.6 if you can't use a match the paste, can use two kinds of color printing ink, but in order not to dim light, a best color paste does not exceed a dosage of 10%.
5.7 change color, must will play cylinder, storage tank, transporting pipeline and applicator roll is rinsed clean, avoid mixed color.
No carbon carbon paper dyeing, the most important is to make the dye cost on paper surface, using the above measures is a good way to solve this problem, achieve good dyeing effect.
Source: sino view paper net
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