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Address:Liuzhou  Luzhai county flying deer of street No.333


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No carbon carbon paper

     Guangxi Bai Ying specialty paper co., LTD., founded in October 2012, is located in 333 flying deer avenue abatis county economic development zone.

Company planning a total investment of 350 million yuan, has 160 mu of land expropriation, construction of non-carbon carbon paper, adhesive paper, mold and other special coated paper 100000 tons production line project. Project construction of two phases. Among them, the first phase investment of 180 million yuan, the existing two 1880/350 reaches producing special coated paper production line, annual output of 35000 tons of specialty paper. Special coated paper for the national key support for the development of high-tech products, has been successfully applied for the five national invention patent. Among them, the upscale non-carbon carbon paper is mainly used for tax invoice, express mail, barcode, anti-counterfeiting electricity bill logistics, such as high-grade thermal recording paper is mainly used for lottery tickets, air tickets and the information such as Internet + paper, such products have filled the gap in guangxi.

     Phase it project plans to build 10 three electronic surface sheet production line, and form a complete set of perfect scientific research building, warehousing logistics center, printing, cutting, etc., to create "three platform three centers", namely the specialty paper production and processing platform, digital printing, business trading platform, science and technology research and development center, logistics center and comprehensive service center, etc.



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